Notes from the Adventure Bus

Super Moon


Tortoises can live for over 100 years.  This one raises

its head and with a wink of a blinkless eye a sparkle blooms

from the sags and wrinkles and worries of a weary world.  A

sparkle that says, “Why not?”  Why not ride this Yum Yum bus.  


Climb aboard this is a yes to Yeehaw! Yes to shedding old skin.

Yes to stepping out of comfort zones.  Inhibitions cracked

like the eagle of soon to be six foot wings busting through a hard

shell with open maw ready to “Eat More Food!”  And we all get


to ride this born again bus, incubating in the ripe dimthuey

of smelly socks, snores , sneezes and sighs. And Yes! To riding

no matter where we’re from, or who we worship or how deep

we’ve drunk of the very cup of trembling.  This bus is out to prove


that Happiness floats as we wade on in, back to Mama, bobbering

with shrimp and fly larvae in a lime green brine as Tufus, of course,

can’t help but trumpet, “Yum, Yum!”  Yum Yum to curry seasoned

with the spice of a sunset that takes us in , no matter how small we are,


no matter how our hearts have  numbed and pulls us up to scampering

on tip toes every which way because it’s so everywhere and suddenly

we are everywhere and with everyone who has ever loved us.  Earth! We

grab for cell phones to try and text a photo but not even the vroom of devices


can keep up with this feeling as still more dappled dusk divines

into the pulse of a heart becoming a river braiding its way into story:

and then! and then! and then!  And you’re still talking about the sunset!   

And then:  Even when there’s dishes to do a musical medley breaks


out in the musical notes of what a heart can gather like the smell

of Ponderosa Pine, the shine of morning sun on obsidian, Aspen giving

their gold away, towering crescendos of white granite, meadows

called Tuolumne (To All o’ Me), and spires of trees at night stirring


the stars into a milkiness that dawns.  And these songlines imprint

your soul so that in those moments when it’s utterly dark and you’re

furthest away, you find a memory floating up inside you like a moon,

you thought was clouded over, slowly emerges from a total eclipse


and you catch yourself humming, “Yum. Yum!”