I have been much anticipating this experience since our correspondence began in September. There was no doubt that this Merry Green Marvel experience would be one of a kind, but I never imagined the holistic experience that it provided our students. The structure of the Marvel provided opportunities for individual skill development, but also demanded contribution to the community. Your daily encouragement and willingness to step into our lives was nothing short of the new friend we were all longing for. Thank you for being all the pieces that I didn’t know this program was missing. While I want to share the beauty and amazingness of the Marvel, I really don’t want to have you snagged away from us. Cheers to all that is to come and an unforgettable nine days together!
Molly Moody -Assistant Director of Student Engagement Stephen F. Austin State University
You created the perfect environment that allowed us to grow as individuals and as volunteers. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. I look up to the way you view the world and the work and and dedication you have to helping others.
— Larissa
It’s people like you that give all of us the confidence to be ourselves. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re rocking it.
— Tyler, Clemson University
You really know how to spread the Love...you slather it on real good!
— Sid
Your musical taste is on point and made me want to dance in front of people more than ever!
— Maddie, Ohio State
You are quite an amazing person. The things you do for the Earth and humanity remind me there are good people in the world.
— Dylan
People like you bring me so much hope in that your spirit this week has shed light on a lot of troubles I’ve been facing lately. Thank you for creating an environment where I was free to be me.
— Karrington, DeSales University
I can’t say that I’ve met a cooler person than you. I will definitely always remember your spirit and remember you as a role model. I can’t thank you enough for giving us such a memorable, wonderful week.
— Laura, Ohio State
Hiring the Merry Green Marvel for our 8th grade class trip to the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota for 8 days was a brilliant decision. Not only did we enjoy enjoy a great guide and driver on our journey, Steve was a flexible, experienced and integral part of our trip.

The well organized kitchen made for efficient food prep and clean up time allowing us to maximize our time for activities. Above all with patience and ease Steve shared music, a wealth of experience and an overall nurturing atmosphere. We felt quite at home on the bus , snuggled next to huge windows with panoramic views.
-Jenny Allen Waldorf teacher
To travel on the Merry Green Marvel will undoubtedly become a unique and cherished experience for anyone fortunate enough to do so. Begin with the comfort of an Amtrak train and the luxury of being able to laydown in a number of different cozy nooks and add to that the option of listening to an expansive and most excellent collection of music. The collective experience of “All hands on deck” meal prep and clean up provides the perfect conduit for social bonding and personal ownership of one’s journey.
The captain of the remarkable ship, Mr Steve Lawless, provides an integral part of the joy and wonder of traveling on the Merry Green Marvel. As a driver he is pragmatic, skillful and safe. As a guide he bears a wonderful combination of humor, wisdom, and heart that is at once fun, enlightening and comforting to be around.
I feel lucky to have had the experience and hope it will not be my last.
Ronald Schirmer, Waldorf teacher
I appreciate you share so many good stories with us. It’s a wonderful experience for me to do service here. I made a lot of new friends and we made some changes to the world. (maybe just a little bit) Volunteering is a wonderful thing for me to do because I gain a better understanding of people, environment, culture and all different things. Lin Lin, Ohio State
My experience on the Merry Green Marvel was truly and exceedingly more than I could have asked for or imagined. I can say with utmost confidence that Alternative Breaks will forever be remembered before the MGM and after. Your passion for student learning was truly something my students could not have experienced with any other means of travel. The Merry Green Marvel is no doubt a one of a kind and I am blessed and better simply knowing that Steve Lawless and the Merry Green Marvel are in the world. Onward and Upward! May God bless you and keep you and may this life cross our paths again. Much Love, Dusty Green Grad Student Leader Alternative Breaks Stephen F. Austin State University
I can not thank you enough for being such a big part of our Eighth grade trip. Thanks for pushing me outside of my comfort zone, while keeping a sense of security and sharing all your love! The Merry Green Marvel will forever hold some of my fondest memories. One of my favorite memories on the Marvel is the costume experiences like when we went about town picking up folks and seeing happy faces chit chat while wearing a bright green wig or an ugly Christmas sweater! People think of dress up as a childish activity, but it is so much more and brings us so much joy! I can’t wait for the many adventures on the Marvel to come! -Sylvi
What an incredible week. Thank you, first off for fostering this experience for us all. You truly opened my eyes this week to the power of love and community. I feel like I have gained a much deeper knowledge and understanding of the culture of New Orleans. Not only did you introduce us to some of the kindest, most generous people, but you helped us understand why it’s important to meet these people.
Your dedication to serving others has truly inspired me to approach this world with an open heart and hand. I hope I can one day touch others lives the way that you have. Thank you for opening up the Merry Green Marvel as our home. Thank you for helping me feel the music in my bones as we danced in the streets of New Orleans. I look forward to seeing you somewhere in this world soon.
-Julia, Buck-I-Serv Staff, Ohio State
I could not be more grateful to you for your patient and firm yet loving presence and guidance on this Marvel-ous trip. You get an “A” which I call above and beyond work. Yet you made it all seem so fun. Your words the last night were so eloquent, warm and inspiring for us all: To continue our travels with open eyes and hearts. Happy Trails to you! Betty, Eighth Grade Pleasant Ridge Waldorf teacher,
Thank you for making this the best trip ever. It truly wouldn’t have been the same without your amazing bus and all the stories along with it. Thank you for coming along with all of us cryers on the rock climbing and staying so calm while we were all freaking out. I hope someday I’ll get to go on another adventure on the Merry Green Marvel. Ruby, Eighth Grader
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You being on this trip was absolutely amazing. You may have saved my life a few times! I thank you so much for letting me help and teaching me about the bus ( so I can take over) You are so cheerful and I am so glad I got to know you. Hopefully we can go on another adventure! Zee, Waldorf student
I just want to thank you so much for the week that I got to spend with you and get to know you. Your heart is full of love and hearing your words were really impactful each and everyday. It was the first time ever on a service trip or any kind of camping experience. I was really glad you were leading me through it. You opened up the bus and your heart and took us on experiences that only you could provide. I got valuable skills and memories that will remain with me forever. I don’t really have to tell you this, I know you’ll keep doing great work for other people, which is amazing for the spirit of this country. I really loved the entire experience of the Merry Green Marvel and soaking up everything along the way. I love you as a person and how you carry yourself and others along with you. Love is a gift and I’m glad you’ve given me that gift and I can’t wait to pass it on further. -Raj, Ohio State