Let’s Design Your Trip Together!

Because it is a rolling community of volunteer and adventure merriment, the bus can be chartered and configured to fit your group’s goals and interests. For example, the bus can be used not only to create a dynamic service week during a school break, but also can be chartered to create a field study for course work in conjunction with your school. Imagine a class enhanced or even built around adventure and service learning, with course concepts taught through immersion. This sleeves-rolled-up interaction in communities and landscapes brings the learning alive! Endless possibilities for study include: civil rights history tour, waters shed studies, Native American culture, homelessness, wetland restoration, sustainability studies, community supported agriculture, traveling theater, singing or dance troupe, how to create community dialogue, storytelling around America, architectural wonders, National Park Odyssey, creating protected lands... As an instructor, student, or community group  leader, you can create a course using the rolling classroom. Trips are not limited to just students and youth groups. Imagine a family reunion, great American road trip, faith based group or company/team building trip created through the mission of adventure and service! 

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